Aszani Stoddard Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Lyme Literate, Lactation & Functional Medicine

I have been blessed with a lifetime of caring for people. I am trained as a nurse-midwife, and I have caught babies in homes, birth centers and hospitals. Right from the start, I wanted to offer the kind of care I yearned for: holistic, client-centered attention that focused on the root causes of problems.  

In 2003, I founded the first free-standing, Nationally-Accredited Birth Center in Wisconsin. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to practice according to my principles, which included melding integrative and conventional medicine.  

While running the Madison Birth Center, I began studying lactation. After years of hands-on experience with brilliant teachers, I decided that it was time to become an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), which I did in 2010. I specialize in complex nursing problems and low milk supply.  

After moving to Minneapolis to be closer to my grown children, I continued to study Functional, Herbal and Holistic Medicine. In 2015, I founded my clinic, Birch Tree Healing Arts, with Laurie Radovsky, a well-known Integrative Medicine Family Physician. After recognizing the need for providers who could care for the complexities of tick-borne infections, I trained with Dr Radovsky. I found that the detective work of treating tick-borne illness was well suited to the way I already practiced, and starting seeing more Lyme clients. I continued my learning while shadowing in Dr Horowitz’s office with Nurse-Practitioner John Fallon, with Dr Bernard Raxlen in NYC and with Dr Chris Green in San Francisco.  

I stopped providing birth care in 2016, and now focus my practice on Functional Medicine for Women, the care of people with tick borne illnesses and lactation.


HolyElk Lafferty

HolyElk is a MniCoujou/Oglala Lakota woman, mother and Environmental/Indigenous Rights Advocate. She is a highly sought after speaker on Indigenous rights and the environment and has spoken in many settings, including at the Nobel Peace Prize Awards in Oslo, Norway. She has devoted much of her life’s work to bringing healing to Indigenous people, including through her work as the Communications Director at Thrive Unlimited and as a board member of Mkoce Ikkcupi  and IndigeWomen. HolyElk is a trained phlebotomist, and is the Office Manager for Aszani Stoddard. She strives to create a seamless and compassionate patient experience for those seeking care.

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