Aszani Stoddard Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Lyme Literate, Lactation & Functional Medicine

I have been blessed with a lifetime of caring for people. I am trained as a nurse-midwife, and I have caught babies in homes, birth centers and hospitals. Right from the start, I wanted to offer the kind of care I yearned for: holistic, client-centered attention that focused on the root causes of problems.  

In 2003, I founded the first free-standing, Nationally-Accredited Birth Center in Wisconsin. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to practice according to my principles, which included melding integrative and conventional medicine.  

While running the Madison Birth Center, I began studying lactation. After years of hands-on experience with brilliant teachers, I decided that it was time to become an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), which I did in 2010. I specialize in complex nursing problems and low milk supply.  

After moving to Minneapolis to be closer to my grown children, I continued to study Functional, Herbal and Holistic Medicine. In 2015, I founded my clinic, Birch Tree Healing Arts, with Laurie Radovsky, a well-known Integrative Medicine Family Physician. After recognizing the need for providers who could care for the complexities of tick-borne infections, I trained with Dr Radovsky. I found that the detective work of treating tick-borne illness was well suited to the way I already practiced, and starting seeing more Lyme clients. I continued my learning while shadowing in Dr Horowitz’s office with Nurse-Practitioner John Fallon, with Dr Bernard Raxlen in NYC and with Dr Chris Green in San Francisco.  

I stopped providing birth care in 2016, and now focus my practice on Functional Medicine for Women, the care of people with tick borne illnesses and lactation.