Aszani Stoddard Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Lyme Literate, Lactation & Functional Medicine

Lyme Disease & Environmental Illness

We live in an era of rapid environmental change, and tick-borne illnesses are on the rise as a result. With humility, I approach these illnesses as a complex infectious-neuroimmune  phenomenon. 

The conventional approach to a tick bite or suspected case of Lyme  disease is often inadequate, with clients being told that they will not  be treated unless and until the two-step lab test for Lyme is positive, despite evidence that early testing is unreliable. Lyme and tick borne co-infections are  complex organisms, and, testing for Lyme is not very sensitive or specific. Our clinic has expanded testing options available. I see clients with acute and long-standing tick borne diseases, and treat them with Integrative Medicine strategies (herbs, homeopathy,  nutraceuticals), and antibiotics as needed. I  follow the Guidelines of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).

Acute Lyme Appointments

The best way to prevent chronic or disseminated Lyme disease is by assertively treating people after a tick bite. However, many practitioners are reluctant to prescribe adequate courses of antibiotics  unless clients have a bulls-eye rash and a positive Lyme test. Since many people don't see the tick that bit them, and only about 30% of people get a rash after a tick bite, this approach is less than optimal. Incubation and positive testing can take up to 6 weeks after a bite, so many people have negative testing in the beginning of their illness.

If you suspect a tick bite and are experiencing a localized or disseminated  rash, headache, fever or joint  pain that may be due to Borrelia (Lyme) infection, or if you have been treated by your PCP for a few weeks but are still having symptoms, I can add you into my schedule as quickly as possible. My scope of practice is limited to women, so please call Dr. Radovsky if you are a man or child in need of an appointment.

What If I've Been Bitten by a Tick?

An option is to take this “What do you do if you get a tick bite?”  information and see your healthcare provider. Hopefully, the evidence  for more aggressive treatment will convince them to treat you  appropriately. If not, please call, and I'll work you into my schedule quickly if needed.

If you are interested in treating using Integrative Medicine, see Stephan Buhner's herbal protocols here:

Keep in mind that Acute appointments are NOT appropriate for someone who has had symptoms for longer than a few weeks. 


Lyme Disease Consultations $300/hr

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Environmental Illness

Exposure to water damaged buildings and molds can destabilize the immune system for years after initial contact. Humans are exposed to thousands of chemicals through water, cleaning and skin care products, food and even dust.  Many of these are present in very low levels. But scientists have grown increasingly concerned that low levels of multiple toxins can disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) system and cause neurologic damage. Sometimes people who experience exposures to chemicals can become so dysregulated that they develop sensitivities to many foods, perfumes and other environmental stressors that other people tolerate.

Many of these symptoms overlap with mold toxicity and tick-borne illness. Aszani is committed to untangling and solving what can be complex interactions between these drivers of inflammation and immune system dysfunction.

Our clinic does not bill insurance. Since I am an out-of-network  provider for many insurance companies, I can give you a Superbill to submit to your insurance company at every visit. However, you will have to do the legwork on getting reimbursement. I accept credit, debit and  HSA cards, checks and cash.