Emily-7-MBreastfeeding is instinctual and often occurs without any special help, especially after a gentle birth. Even with an optimal birth, though, breastfeeding challenges can come up. Using a gentle, client-centered approach, I offer home and office visits for latch issues, low milk supply, infections and complex problems. Since I am a prescriber, I can write prescriptions for milk-boosting medications as needed, and also have lots of experience with herbal milk enhancers as well. See more specifics about how to know if you need a lactation visit, and how to prepare for the visit on the FAQ page.

What Do I Bring to My Appointment?
• You and your baby. If possible, time your appointment so that your baby will be hungry at some point during your visit
• Your partner or support person, if desired
• Your list of questions and concerns
• Your pump or breastfeeding tools you are currently using or want to use
• Any supplemental infant food/fortifier
• Any feeding/diaper diaries you are using

Home Visits
Staying in the comfort of your own home is especially important when there are nursing issues in the early postpartum period. Home visits are also helpful for women who have other young children, or because the mother prefers to be seen at home. When doing a home visit, I will arrive with a well-stocked bag that includes basic and specialized breastfeeding supplies and a high quality digital baby scale. I serve the greater Twin Cities Metro area.

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Lactation services and fees

Lactation Initial Consultation
(this usually takes about 2 hours). An in-depth breastfeeding and health history are taken, a comprehensive assessment and teaching are done and a care plan provided. Follow-up by phone or e-mail is included and encouraged. Unless another in-person consultation is needed, follow-up is free. $150.

Initial Consultation at Home
Initial consultation at home includes everything listed above, but the Lactation Consultant comes to you. $200

Follow-up consultations
Follow-up appointments generally run about one hour. I review how your care plan is working for your family and re-assess any breastfeeding concerns you may have. Phone and e-mail follow up is included and encouraged. Appointments can take place in my office setting or in the comfort of your own home.
Office: $50
Home: $100

Phone/email appointments
In general breastfeeding support is best done in person, where a visual assessment can be made. Sometimes we can start by phone if help is urgently needed before a visit. If you are unsure whether you need a Consultation visit or not, please feel free to call me.